Anona muricata L.
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Graviola Plant. Graviola Leaves

Its importance resides in the possibility of being used in the treatment of certain cancers due to the presence of substances in leaves as acetogenins, which have an similar activity to that of certain products that are used in chemotherapy.

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We are a young, dynamic and multicultural company with a passion for the rich diversity of the food of the Andes and Amazon. Our company in Peru provides us with the highest quality raw material with added value, obtained through our sustainable (economic, social and environmental). By making the most of traditional knowledge we can develop and offer top shelve products that can be shipped throughout the world from our branch in Spain. We aim to give more people access to the best products from this region in South America, to help their health, beauty and personal well-being needs.


  • Nature is a major source of knowledge. Yet, this knowledge is not well-known, nor is it shared or spread.
  • All people and cultures in the world have a profound knowledge of their environment, matured by centuries of learning.
  • Western society is fascinated by technology and modern life, overlooking ancient, universal knowledge
  • Fair trade and equal opportunities for all people means equal acceptance of all peoples´ knowledge and products. 


  • Import and export of raw material and finished products of South America.
  • Development and trade of food supplements, food and natural cosmetics.
  • Wholesale (raw material and finished products).
  • Sales to specialty shops.
  • Online sales
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