Anona muricata L.
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Graviola Plant. Graviola Leaves

Its importance resides in the possibility of being used in the treatment of certain cancers due to the presence of substances in leaves as acetogenins, which have an similar activity to that of certain products that are used in chemotherapy.

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Information and Properties

Graviola is a small tree 8 to 10 m high, cultivated in almost all tropical America. It has a fruits from 15 to 20 cm long.

In traditional medicine, its fruits are used to combat rickets, root bark and leaves used to treat the diabetes (infusion) and also as an antispasmodic. The crushed leaves with salt are used by tumors.

Actually its importance lies in the possibility of being used to relieve some discomfort because their leaves are substances such as acetogenins, which have an activity similar to that of products used in chemotherapy (eg adriamycin) with the quality of not presenting their side effects.


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